About Us


La Galeria II is a unique shopping experience, fulfilling the most discerning taste with hand-crafted treasures at affordable prices. Located just one block off the highway in Fairmont Hot Springs is a delightful clothing gift shop.

Local artisan, Carolyn Barzilay, who purchased the shop in 2010, has added an artist’s touch to the already spectacular store.

The swimwear section is expanding daily from sizes 6 mos. to XXL/24. 

Anne Cole, Penbrooke, Christine, Burnside, Arena & Jantzen are new additions to our bathing suit section which is becoming the largest selection in the Columbia Valley. 

Highlighted at La Galeria II are Carolyn’s own works, hand-painted glassware and porcelain. By blending spectacular colors she has mastered the creation of elegant, sophisticated stemware, porcelain mugs, glassware, decanters, candleholders and more. The final step in her production process is baking the paint to make it durable and dishwasher safe. 

The BIG claim to fame is the Blue Sky Clothing. This comes from BC designer Marilyn Coban who started her business out of her VW van at the Balfour ferry in1997. There is a permanent store there now as well as 7 other across the province. Short of shopping at one of her stores, you can find a massive selection of her durable and ever so comfortable bamboo clothing. Although Marilyn has ventured into some linen, modal and cotton, for us the bamboo is still the most popular. It doesn’t fade or shrink, and the styles are timeless. 

La Galeria II also showcases the inspired works of other artisans, many native to the Columbia Valley area. Each piece is unique to its creator. 

There is gorgeous hand-blown glass balls to highlight your windows. Handcrafted crib boards for your hubby and tutu’s for your little princess. All created in Canada. 

There is a vast selection of beautiful artists’ greeting cards including Quilling cards. All individual pieces of art. 

Choose from essential oils and soothing bath salts, the fresh Inis Irish perfume & lotion, and other pampering items. 

“I really love my business,” says Carolyn. “As an artisan, I am very aware of what the artists’ put into their creations. It is my pleasure to promote them, especially to customers who really appreciate their work.” 

Barzilay takes pleasure in dealing with the customers. “I enjoy taking the time to visit with my customers. For as much as I can offer an education about my product and artists, I learn back from them about the world out there. It makes life very interesting.” 

La Galeria II is located on the left-hand side as you turn to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Look for the bright turquoise building. The shop is open all year. Check hours above.