Bug Art Cards


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Bug Art is a small UK company who have been trading for 30 years and are internationally recognized as publishers of quality greeting cards. All our cards are folded and blank inside.

Printed on high quality board, most of the ranges are embellished with a variety of finishes designed to enhance the artwork onto which they are applied. The design, printing, finishing and packing of Bug Art Cards are all done within a 10-mile radius of Nottingham, an area with a renowned history in printmaking and the master crafts affiliated with the industry. This local craftsmanship is a major asset to Bug Art’s international reputation as a designer of quality cards.

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 13 × .1 cm
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Sweet Peas, Red Camilea, Orange Orchids, Windflowers, Mixed Irises, Delhiniums, Sunflowers, Black Irises, Two Lovecats, Cat Meadow, Two Red Poppies, Piano Cats, Chair Kitty, Four Cool Cats, Festive Tree, Cat Presents, Robin's Gifts, Cat Keyboard, Colorful Tree, Books Kitty, Gift Kitty, Branch Kitty, Cola Cat, Kasper Kitten, Ziggy Cat, Ollie Owl, Connie Cow, Freddy Frog, Oswald Owl, Diego Donky, Raymond Ram, Herbie Horse, Sammy Squirrel, Bertie Butterfly, Dotty Duck, Tommy Tortoise, Monty Monkey, Eddie Elaphant, Cosmo Chameleon, Derek Dodo, Boris Bat, Owen Owl, Pablo Pig, Duncan Dragon, Percy Parrot, Murphy Mutt, Kimba Kitten, Cedric Catepillar, Binky Bunny, Gerry Giraffe, Eric Elephant, Harry Hippo, Ozzie Ostrich, Zoe Zebra, Highland Hamish, Cornflowers, Fox & Friends, Kitten Antlers, Penguin on Skates, Reindeer, Rudolph Perch, Cat on Bike, Flower Cake, Champagne Glasses, Three Flamingos, Two Birds, Peacock, Gifts & Balloons, Long Tailed Tits, Eared Owelet, Cleaning Rabbit, Ural Owl, Lovebirds, Baby Panda, Book Pile, Champagne, Bookshelves, Ladybirds in love, Music Robot, Music Clef, Candles, Decorative Elephant, Tropical Birds, Blue Dragon, Bike, Cat Tree, Owl Baubles, Wall Geco, Magnolia Birds, Bird Feeder, Cocktails, Meadow, Night Owl, Owl Couple, Six Ducks, Cockerl, Romantic Birds, Painted Tree, Cracker Bunny, Cat on Wall, Forest Animals, Butterflies & Flowers, Fox, Allium Flowers, Purple Clematis, Flowers, Blue Flowers, Tropical Hummingbird, Birthday Cake, Birds Kissing, Birthday Cake Jewels, Bird of Paradise, Music Heart, Flower Bike, Typewriter, Birds, Guitar, Blue Poppies, Daffodils, Gina Giraffe, Gordon Goat, Hattie Hedgehog, Holly Hippo, Malcom Moose, Obi Orangutan, Orange Roses, Purple Irises, Rufus Rex, Simon Sloth, Patches Puppy, Laptop Kitty, Picnic Kitties, Elegant Peacock, 12 Days of Christmas, Car, Cat Message, Dog, Gnome