Quilling cards



Each Quilling Card design is handmade by a master artisan at a workshop located in Vietnam. Quilling is a fine art that, to do well, requires much practice and dedication.

Every handmade card begins with a printed artwork of what the card will be. Using a quilling pen, the artisan will thread strips of kishu paper (a high-quality, Japanese paper) through the tool and coil it around to create a tight coil. Each shape that makes up a card begins as a tight coil.

Made in Vietnam.


Additional information

Weight .028 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × .5 cm
Kind of card #1

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Two Butterflies, Hummingbird, Cupcake Birthday, Thank you, Mermaid, Dragonfly, Flower Sympathy, Schooner, Red Tulips, Sunflower, Swan, Bird & Berries, Peacock, Blue Butterfly, Blue Jay, Iris, Heart, Cherry Blossom, Bike Flower, Lilac, Red Rose Bouquet, Purple Orchid, Wine Glass & Bottle Congrats, Stork Delivery, Lighthouse, Turtle, Seashells, Autumn Leaves, Moose, Loon, Great Horned Owl, Flying Eagle, Wolf Howling at the Moon, Salmon, Rooster on the Fence, Ladybug, Cardinal, Cupcake & Candle, Koi fish, Wild Floral Birthday, Blue Hydrangea, Anchor, Two Cats, Jumping Dolphins, Seahorse, Two Pandas, Quail & chicks, Love You Mom Bouquet, Potted Flower Thank You, Love Wreath, Elephant, Blue Bird, Sail Boat Fleet, Bumble Bee, Jellyfish, Mallard Duck, Purple Tulip, Pink Rose Bouquet, Blue Bells, Pink Dahlia, Grizzly Bear, Pink Lotus, Unicorn, Blue Heron, Adirondack Chairs, Daffodils, Sweet Pea, Happy Gardening, Gothic Butterfly, Birthday Flowers & Butterflies, Tiger, Two Cranes, Robin, Black Lab, Thinking of You, Happy Anniversary, Floral Birthday, Horse, Whale Tail, Black Cat broken vase, Tan Cat flowers, Black Kitten, Tiger Lily, Parrot, Blue Booties, Pink Booties, Hibiscus, Pansies, Red Poppies, Snowy Owl, Steller's Jay, White Daisies, Toast to Love, Birthday Beer, Birthday Girl, Black Bear, Golfer, Key to My Heart, Love Latte, Monarch Butterfly, Motorcycle, Tea Party, Vintage 57 Chevy, Butterfly, Swordfish, Alpine Forget Me Not, Apple Blossom, Cardinal Couple, Dandelion, Hot Air Balloon, Mountain Bluebird, Peony, Pink & White Lady's Slipper, Violet, Love, Bleeding Heart, Lavender, Holiday Snowy Village, Christmas Red Poinsettia, Nutcracker, Just Married, Mother Bird & Babies, Dreamcatcher, Eastern Goldfinch, Autumn Tree, Baby Carriage, Bird Bath, Birdfeeder, Fireflies, Songbirds, Spring Tree, Summer Tree, Thank you Quill & Ink, Honey Bee, Raven, Treble Clef, Candy Canes, Happy Birthday Cake, First Dance, Vineyard, Ballerina, Flamingos, Barn Owl, Birthday Flower Vase, Birthday Hummingbird, Dancing Bride & Groom, Floral Bouquet, Fushsia, Hummingbird & Babies, Hummingbird Trio, Northern Lights, River Canoes, Rufous Hummingbird, Thanks a Bunch, Downy Woodpecker, Flower Vase, Angel, Christmas Penguin Family, Get Well Soon, Red Tailed Hawk, Swallowtail Butterfly, Blue Damselfly, Birdhouse, Birthday Wildflower Blooms, Blossoming Love, Sympathy Butterfly, Blessed Angel, Ornate Christmas Tree, Santas Village, Sleigh Ride, Horse in Stable, Birdhouse Tree, Birthday Tulip Bouquet, Butterfly & Wildflowers, Hummingbird Swing, Ski Lift, Wedding Toasting Flutes, Camping, Herb Garden, Hummingbird Feeder, Posing Peacock, Adirondack Lake, Abstract Elephant, Birthday Champagne, Bridal Bouquet, Namaste, Daffodil Vase, Christmas Angel, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Stockings, Holiday Bird Ornaments, Holiday Lamp Post, Three Wise Men, Winter Skates, Bird Watching, Emperor Dragonfly, Floral Cornucopia, Road Trip, Bald Eagle, Colorful Tulips, Victorian Bouquet, Wheelbarrel Garden, Snowflake, Sled Dogs, Grand Piano, Green Tractor, Long Stem Pink Roses, Skier, Vintage Farm Truck, Totem Pole, Happy Mailbox, Vintage Lady, Birthday Cupcake & Candle, Birthday Glam, Night Sky Baby Mobile, Wedding Bells, Floral Heart Wreath, Happy Anni Tandem Bike, Bird of Paradise, Birthday Fairies, Birthday Gnomes, Broad -Billed Hummingbird, Celebration Congrats, Duck Migration, Garden Gnome, Kayaking, Owlets, Seagull, Squirrel